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Originally Posted by Gearhead999s View Post
I moved from an 08 without ZCP to a 11 with ZCP and the difference between the 2 is night & day.My 11 is a lot flatter & more responsive on track with still having very livable everyday street manners.I have run my car with stock alignment settings and experienced much better tire wear than I did with my 08 thanks to less body roll.I ran a square 18 x 10 275/35 NT05 setup and the ZCP car is much more neutral than the 08 car which oversteered a lot more and got more upset when using a lot of curb.I average about 20 track days a year and run in the instructors/advanced group.
Thanks Gear, this makes me believe to stick with ZCP stock for the duration. I plan to do 20 days this year as well. I did about that last year, but I had another older M (non-ZCP) and upgraded the springs. That's a bit of good news on the tire wear not being that bad either, but then again you're an instructor, so your driving does help it a lot