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Winter Dusting Caked On. Advice Pls?

I'm about to clean the car for the first time after some winter dust/dried water has left its marks. My plan was to at a Self Car Wash:

1) High Pressure Rinse Off

2) Bathe car in Mother's car shampoo (pour over a bucket of sudded up car shampoo onto car, soak for a minute).

3) High Pressure Rinse Off

4) One more bathe car in shampoo and then use microfiber mits to clean car top to bottom w/ two bucket method.

5) High Pressure Rinse Off / Dry Car w/ dampened microfiber with detailing solution (Meguiar's quick detailer)

6) Klasse AIO application to polish and reseal

7) If I'm bored, Grand Finale Spray Seal (Zaino)

Let me know if you think I should do something different upfront to further prevent scratches from happening while washing the car up. I think the two lathering system is the best I can do without having a proper home pressure gun to add a foam lance to.