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You can have a car with a ton of torque and become bored with it in little time. I, like optherion have been fortunate enough to own and experience cars with high torque and high price tags but that doesn't mean I'm spoiled enough to not appreciate my m3 anymore. I've been in cars well over 100k and prefer the m3 to quite a few of them. Why? Mainly because of the engine and transmission. Everytime I sit in the m3, everytime I fire it up, it makes me smile. I never think about the lack of torque because the transmission is so effective at what it does that the car always feels fast to me. Obviously not as fast as my r8 but it never feels underpowered. Dct in the m3 is better than any double clutch I've experienced (manual operation). Better than any Porsche or gtr I've owned or driven and in a different league than the single clutch r-tronic in my r8.