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Originally Posted by thorny
Could you please elaborate more on the use of Pagid RS29 w stock brakes? I just picked up a set and was hoping they'd work well.

Originally Posted by lukester View Post
Some more information I forgot.
Endless MA45B front + Pagid yellow RS19 or the new RS29 rear is the way to go.
Why? Because the Endless costs a lot of money.
Let me know if you're not able to get the MA45B under 700.
That's the problem with endless. It works but it costs like hell.
But they last really really long.
Pagid all around will work well, too.
The problem on the Nordschleife is:
One lap is ~9minutes.
One gas tank is 6 hot laps + a warmup lap.
Pagids on the front and on the Nordschleife will start to fade after 2-3 hot laps.
That's why I like the Endless more.

But your results may vary on a different track or with different speeds as mostly on trackdays you don't drive >60min.