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Another thing that may be a factor is that the car is very aggressive about adjusting to the driver. When my daughter drives my car even for just a short trip somewhere its in grannyitis when I go to drive it and everything is slower in drive mode, moving from a stop, shifts, everything. It goes away fairly quickly also as it adjusts to my style. Anyhow several people here have reported sluggish behavior from the DCT when they first got the car and it turned out they were just babying it during break in and the DCT was shifting to suit their driving.

Would also suggest you consider driving some in sequential, everything seems to work better there. As others have said though this is how the DCT starts out the car from a stop. Before long you get used to digging more peddle right at the start and backing back out of it as the car takes off and then getting back into throttle as the clutch fully engages. The DCT takes some time to acclimate to, or at least that was my experience.
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