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Originally Posted by buschy View Post
uh with that stable why would you even sell the M3. obviously you can afford to keep it around and drive one of the others if you wanted more torque

fyi the torque thing about town and daily driving is the dumbest thing I ever heard. or keep hearing. the M3 works fine in town and daily driven.
1. No more garage space for 2 e92's and gas mileage. M3 was my DD and it wasnt making a whole lot of sense having a 2 door v8 for DD.

2. Power in any gear any time around town.

3. Yes the M3 has little to no torque. Easy measurement. How much gas pedal is required to push you back in the seat? M3 requires a lot of wringing out the engine and pedal to the floor high RPM. I loved that, and loved it in my GT3, however around town and 20-60mph blast with a ton of grunt is what I love. Like I said, I am used to the ZR1 Viper and GT-R. Which will let you experience a TON of low end torque (500ft lbs + at 2,500 RPM) M3 doesnt even have HALF that at 2500 RPM. It was a good daily driver through. This would be a different story if it was like the LS3 as stated. Torque down low and tons of HP up top. All around, M3 is a great car, but I think many of you haven't driven cars with 600ft lbs of torque to say "yes in my garage the m3 had the least amount of torque." For 99% of the demographics the M3 will be just fine.
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