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Received BMW M Watch for Christmas

For Christmas my wife and daughters got me a BMW M Watch. I wanted to share with you my likes and dislikes in the event you are thinking of getting one.

The watch itself looks great and I am so happy that I got it. BMW has one major flaw on this watch and I have already emailed and called BMWUSA to give them my opinion on this design. I already received a reply basically saying we appreciate your comments and that they are important for future designs.

The major design flaw is that they have the 6, 9, 12 and various 5 minute markers that will glow in the dark however the second, minute and hour hands DO NOT glow in the dark. In the evening this watch is just a decorative piece as you cannot tell time. It is very silly that you can see the numbers and not the hands so it makes telling the time in the dark impossible.

I looked at all the other designs from BMW and from what I can tell the hands glow as well as the numbers.

Again the watch looks great but BMW should be embarrassed with a flaw this big.
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