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Originally Posted by NHman View Post

Also working out the math based on the suggested purchase amount of $66,170, if you lease for 3y/36 at 10k, the lease payment would be $714 (rounded). This does not include MA tax. I forget the number but assuming 6% the adjusted amount would be $756. This would be without cap reduction. Out of pocket would be first, security and acquisition for a total of $2,281.

Do not lease for 39 months. Provided that you lock-in by January 2nd, BMW has a residual of 62% and base rate of .00125 for the MY13 M3 coupe.

Which dealer are your working with? Is your preference to have AW w/ Fox Red?
I am working with BMW of Norwell. My preference is AW/FR. Another person has mentioned not to do the 39 month lease. The dealership was pushing hard for it though.