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Originally Posted by Thebigbus
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I've never driven a 1m but I a 335 with the same engine and became bored with it (the engine not the car) after the first few months. And even after all the modding, all the power gains, the engine simply bored me to death.

The engine in the m3 is truly a gem. Honestly one of a kind. I have an r8 v10 and I still marvel over the v8 in my m3.
That is pretty much how I feel about my LS2..."bored". It's just not that exciting. Can't wait to trade for the M3. Felt quite special.
If you had an ls3 it would be a different story. Torque down low and a great high end pull. Honestly, even my m6 is quite tiresome to drive from the lack of torque. But when I do get to open it up, its nothing short of sensational.

My favorite motor has to be the one in my boss 302. It has a flat torque curve that makes its peak power at 7500 rpm redline. This truly feels like it can rev all day long and isn't simply derived from racing but actually used in racing....

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