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Ford F150 FX4 + appearance pack OR Raptor OR Tundra 5.7L Rock Warrior

I know there are some of you guys who have beautiful M3's and also have a truck on the side to do light duty work for Parts Pick-up/Work commute Etc.

I'm digging into my options in getting a work truck for the facility I work in. I'm in the Trash industry so I'm mostly hauling parts, clients at times, and lots of driving on crappy roads that I just don't want to put my Cayenne up to anymore.

I have a Black 5.7L Tundra Rock Warrior already at my other facility and the truck is great but it just feels "crappy." Crap interior, Crap ride, and Incredible power. The reason why I still even consider the Tundra is because it is the cheapest out of all the full size trucks in a crewmax cab + 5.7l V8 (but less options) engine and I've been a Toyota guy for the longest time (3 tundras, 1 tacoma, 1 camry, 1 corolla + more).

At this point, I really am considering going with ford's 2013 Ecoboost F150 fx4 + appearance pack over the Tundra. The raptor is right up that alley in price point so I am considering that as well but the hummer h1 like gas mileage is keeping me away. The trucks will have to be Crewcab and have 4x4.

Any one of you guys have experiences between the Tundra 5.7L and the newest F150's? Hows the Ecoboost and the brakes? What about the ride and any problems? Any reasons not to get either? Any thoughts please post. Curious to hear your experiences.

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