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Originally Posted by Tobbep View Post
The problem right now is that I'm too far away from any reputable M3 suspension expert. EAS is over 12 hours away. I'm stuck dealing with the local BMW dealership which is an absolute nightmare. I feel that I'm going to loose money fast doing the process of elimination. They are talking about changing the tires at roughly $400 a piece as a solution.

At this point I'm looking at various options. Leaving things alone for now and plan a trip to EAS and have a real Coilover installed with a proper setup and alignment. Then at the same time, what if there is something else going on? Out of frustration I have even contemplating getting rid of the M3 as it is not a pleasure to drive right now.
I can understand the frustration and the insecurity of thinking the worst situation possible but relax, take it from the start. If you car didn't shake before the sleeve overs then it makes the most sense to start your investigation from that point forward. BMW is a great automotive company, if there was a problem with vibrations and tire wear because of terrible R&D from BMW's part, you'd hear about it by now.

That being said EAS is one of my favorite shops to go to. They work very thoroughly and one thing I've come to understand from personal and work experiences is that a shop is extremely hard to keep clean, well organized, and well sorted; it tells you the type of work they do. If you have the time, EAS wont disapoint and they will do it right the first time.

however, 12 hours of a drive a little rediculous. why don't you post in the regional section and try to see if there is something closer?
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