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Originally Posted by KKM3 View Post
I personally do not understand this whole m3 is "anemic" "gutless" argument, at least when equipped with dct. With 7 tightly spaced gears, you spend little to no time below 2500 rpm. Ever looked at how quickly your speedo moves when u hit the gas? At any speed in any gear? Give it a try. The car moves better than my old 997 c2s pdk that had more torque and lighter weight.

I understand the argument with a manual equipped m3 but even then it's still not that much of an issue. I'd rather have a formula one derived high revving v8 with machine gun like throttle response, than a boring 335 powered 1m with low end tq which falls flat on its ass after 5k rpm. Those turbo engines just don't feel special.
you driven one?

its also 400 lbs lighter than an m3 with the exact same suspension.

i do agree that the DCT is a much better match for the m3.

it just depends on what you like. and stock, even less so with an FMIC, the power does not completely die at 5000 RPM on the 1M at all. the car rips at all RPMs.

both great cars and similar in many ways, yet different in others. great to have choices