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Originally Posted by Mmmdreamer View Post
Saw some of your track videos including that close call with 4 wheels on grass! Hoping to get some track time in next year, I only managed one day at Poconos his year which was pretty fun. How do your videos work w/ all the readings, is that hooked up to the ECU and gopro?
There are numerous ways to do it--from something basic like an iPhone with Harry's Lap Timer app (cheap) or the all-in-one AiM SmartyCam (expensive), to more complex systems like Traqmate or RaceKeeper. I use the RaceKeeper system, which consists of a base unit that sits on the floor that contains the accelerometers and "brains" of the system, and numerous wired attachments to it, including small bullet cameras that mount to the inside of the windshield for a view of the track and inside of the back glass for a cockpit view, a microphone that I mount up by the rearview mirror, a magnetic GPS antenna that mounts to the roof, and a cable that attaches to the car's OBD II port by your left leg to get ECU readings of RPM, throttle position, temps, etc. While it takes some time to get all of the components of the system set up in the car and the cables routed, the nice thing about the RaceKeeper is that it automatically integrates the video with all of the data using its software on your computer. What you see in my video clips on here is just a small portion of the data, edited down to make it friendly for importing to the web. The amount of data I see on my computer in the RaceKeeper program is almost overwhelming. I certainly don't know what to do with all of it, but I'm trying to learn as much as I can. A nice feature is that the program allows you to compare runs side-by-side, so you can see at any given point in time differences in track position, speed, g readings, throttle position, etc.

Check out the recent post over in the track/autocross section that has a listing of all the upcoming track events for 2013 in the Northeast. Lime Rock, NJMP and Watkins Glen are all easily accessible to you and worth the trip!
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