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Originally Posted by Hothonda View Post
Simple solution...walk if you don't like it.

When you drive an '08 M3 that's 5 yrs old, everything newer is more expensive.

Many dump loads of $ in mods that actually devalue what they already smart is that if it's about the money?
Yes, but many of those mods, especially for people who track their cars, are very useful. Exhaust, bbk, wheels, tires, suspension all help make the car perform better. On the other hand, all you get for those overpriced limited edition cars are some paint and a few stickers. Yeah, ok, the lime rock gets you a new exhaust, but apart from that there isn't anything special about those limited editions. Getting a small number of cars from a mass produced dime a dozen vehicle, and giving that small number a unique paintjob will NOT make a future collectible.