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Originally Posted by THE TECH View Post
Beware of Sterling. Not the brightest of techs. Just had a customer's car there and they were very unsatisfied and will not be using them again. I suggest contacting Marco at McKenna Performance if you want a dealer to do it.
Yeah, it seems all of the dealers around here are terrible. I have been going to Sterling for awhile but after having some problems with them during my last visit (they replaced my battery and charged me $500 without even giving me a quote for the work and I had explicitly told them beforehand NOT to change the battery unless it was covered under warranty) I decided to try Crevier.

Upon getting my car back from Crevier yesterday I discovered they put a small gouge in the intake manifold while changing the plugs and also scratched the hell out of the intake pipe while reinstalling it (looks like they were prying on it pretty hard trying to get it to slip over the airbox).

My steering wheel also had some nice abrasion marks (thankfully cleaned off with some elbow grease) from what looks like someone driving the car while wearing a ring and to top it off a big brown mark on the lower part of the door where someone kicked it while wearing brown soled shoes (brown mark came off but looks like theres some permanent marring). There was also a mystery scratch on the rear bumper I just noticed today but who knows if that happened while at the dealer. Also, they filled my tires with air pressures varying randomly between 31 and 37 PSI.