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Originally Posted by dogbone View Post
I pulled into a spot at the grocery store. The Prius was not there when I arrived. There was a different car there when I showed up, and it was parked a bit too far to the right, so I was kinda forced to park a bit to the right.

So, I parked and stayed in the car on a phone call. The original car that was to my left took off and the Prius took the spot. I was sitting in the car when she parked like that next to me.......didn't she do a great job???
She's in a Prius, and therefore saving the environment and all of us, so she can do whatever she wants. It's much easier, after all, to do good in a general/abstract way (being "green") instead of actually being considerate to real people around you (respecting other people's space, waiting your turn, etc.)...
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