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Originally Posted by remmib View Post
Congrats on going FF.
But you haven't had the 7D for long have you?
No, and I'll be keeping it. I'm planning of going to the US F1 race next November and the 7D's AF will be handy then. Plus I still have a bunch of crop-only lenses I like.

I've been playing around with the 6D all morning. Couple things I hadn't thought about until now. You can't overlay a grid in the viewfinder like you can on a 7D. And even if you only use the center AF point, the others still show. Both of these issues are a result of having interchangeable focus screens, I believe. The 7D's screen is not interchangeable and uses a polymer LCD, which allows the grid overlay and the ability to hide unused focus points. Guess I need to get a gridded focus screen.

I love how quiet the shutter is, though. And the images are so detailed. 100% cropping is not an issue with the 6D. The wifi remote app is pretty cool, but I can't see myself using that too often. The ability to look at your images without taking the camera out of your bag is very cool and will come in handy. Otherwise the wifi on the camera and my droid will stay off. I'm psyched that I can now shoot at ISOs above 1600 and not worry too much about noise. That will come in handy for the evenings I'm bored at home and want to shoot the cats (photographically speaking, of course).

Now I need a nice sunny day to get some shooting done outdoors.

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