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Originally Posted by glockperfect View Post

Making this post before going above 5k rpm is like discussing your favorite things about women before you've had sex.

Agreed. Although I still prefer the E46 above 5k RPMs vs the E93 - not sure why. I actually think it has to do with the exhaust, as it's strange that the E93 gets quieter (the exhaust does) above 4k RPMs. While it's nice to hear the engine noise at 6k on the E93, it's actually louder at 3k (at least with the OEM Exhaust Mod) so it's not quite as crazy as the E46, which was very linear. I also feel as though the E93 makes roughly the same noise between 4.5k to redline, while the E46 just keep progressing in tone. With the E46, it sounded like you were at redline at 5k RPMs but then the car would just keep going and made a pitch that you didn't think was possible! With the E93 it seems to make a similar pitch up to redline, which is less of a thrill for me. Not to say that redline on the E93 isn't thrilling