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Originally Posted by masamune View Post
Great detailed review! I'm considering exhaust options right now and as an E93 driver one of my concerns has been what it would be like with the top down.

Where does the OEM mod fall in terms of sound between other aftermarket Race and Sport exhausts? Obviously this can be subjective, but I'm just trying to get an idea whether to go with this, a race, or sport exhaust.

I'm not too familiar with the technical pieces of installing this either. I'm leasing right now, so I'd plan to buy another already modded exhaust. Is swapping it back easy enough?

When I went for a ride in a car with this mod I only had the roof down for a couple of minutes and, more importantly, I was in the passenger seat. I would HIGHLY recommend that you drive the car, as modulating the throttle makes a big difference in terms of sound, especially between 2-3k RPMs, so you'll want to hear it with your specific driving style.

Here answers to your questions:

- Not sure exactly where it falls between Sport and Race. Part of the problem is that a lot of the Sport exhausts have different sound levels. Unfortunately I didn't listen to exhausts on any other convertibles so I can't compare. But based on feedback I have received from my wife and others who have listened to the car from the outside, I'm guessing it's more likely within the Sport side of things.
- Swapping it back is very easy, provided that you can just swap it with an OEM exhaust. My car is also leased and that is my plan if I don't buy my car out. You might also want to consider that you can't tell that anything has been done to the car at all unless you start it, so if you have a lease inspector that doesn't start the car and/or if it's a warm start then it will probably be ok...