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Originally Posted by Amri215 View Post
Uh no..the car has been steadily improved over its 6 year run, improved engine internals, improved software, improved electronics... its not just all about LCI lights.

And the "all show no go ZCP package.. that doesnt add power".... sounds like you are just mad you dont have it...

Newer is always better
How exactly did the engine internals improve? What changes, if any, were made? And what performance gain did they lead to? This is the first time I hear about this.

And improved software and electronics are trivial changes, like I said.

As for ZCP, show me comparative laptimes, or car reviews or any evidence whatsoever that ZCP is any good.

Newer is not always better for the consumer. Sometimes it's just better for the car dealer, the bank, and the manufacturing company. But hey, if the thought of actually having money in your savings account troubles you so much, by all means, keep upgrading every year to the newest model of the same car