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Originally Posted by canadian stig View Post
what's up with all those people "upgrading" to a newer model of the exact same car? BMW hasn't made any significant changes to the car throughout its 6 year run. Sure, there was a NAV upgrade, LCI lights, and some software tweaks, but these are just minor details. And the ZCP package is all show and no go. It doesn't add power, or improve handling, or make the car any faster around a track. It seems like some people just wanna get rid of their $$$ as quickly as possible. Personally when the time comes to get rid of my M3, i'll go for a completely different car. Maybe a GT-R, Z06, Viper, Cayman R, or 911 GT3, depending on my finances at that time.
Uh no..the car has been steadily improved over its 6 year run, improved engine internals, improved software, improved electronics... its not just all about LCI lights.

And the "all show no go ZCP package.. that doesnt add power".... sounds like you are just mad you dont have it...

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