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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
Love the Clock Tower, but you needed to combine a short exposure with your long exposure to get the clock just right, with multi-exposure HDR.
Thanks Dave, good point about the clock exposure. I've been really lazy since I got my 6D as all I want to do is shoot, so I haven't processed a single image, just been posting them as is.

The 6D built-in HDR is fairly useless so I would do this in Photoshop anyway, probably with a layer for the clock from the short exposure.

That being said, in a "doh" moment I realized when I got home last night that I had been shooting in JPEG after fiddling with the built in HDR function, which requires that you set the camera to JPEG only in order to work.

Can't wait for Magic Lantern to fix this firmware crap!

So I will go back to reshoot The Clock Tower sometime soon and get some RAWs and multiple exposures while I am at it.

Since it is the snapshot thread...

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