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If you're in the market for a charger, I highly recommend the BatteryMINDER 2012, $80 USD at Northern Tool if you are looking for a supplier. Works great as a trickle charger to keep a battery topped up, but pretty much any $25 charger will do that.

It has a temp sensor and microcontroller to charge and maintain batteries appropriately for their particular condition. It also has a "desulfating" function -- like I know what the hell that is -- that really seems to be different from other chargers. I've restored old batteries that would recharge fine off a high-amp charger, but then be undervolt/low amp a day later. Put them on the 2012 for a week, and returned them to regular duty, no problem.

BatteryMINDER also sells a variety of connecting terminals and pigtails with quick-connects that are compatible with the charger, so even if you're not handy, you can wire up a clean and convenient connection alternative.

The company makes some cheaper chargers; I don't have any experience with those. I'm happy with the 2012 in particular, though. Other than our daily drivers, I'm keeping 3 more cars and a built-in generator going with this one charger. I don't have to "trickle charge" them all the time. A couple of times a year, I give them a week on the charge and desulfate function, and they just keep on working like they're supposed to.

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