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Originally Posted by Chest Rockwell View Post
I agree. I have a few straights but the learning curve can be bloody. Start with a safety razor and once your face gets use to that step up to the straight. You will be able to find a lot of guys letting blades go for a pretty good price on Badger and Blade.

The first time I used a Japanese straight I almost hit bone. Watch the youtube tutorials and figure out what works best for you. The way I look at it is I have to shave every day, it might as well be an enjoyable experience. Spring for a good aftershave balm, it is worth its weight in gold.
This doesn't help the cause of going to straight razors! It certainly keeps me from taking the plunge. The closest I'll get is using a brush to lather up before shaving. That and the fact that my gf isn't good about not barging into the bathroom while I'm shaving.