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Originally Posted by veloziROTHTOR View Post
and arco's cash only (no difference here)
Ugh...I always forget that when I travel to the CA. 'Oh, here's an Arco that's easy to get in/out of and it's on my way to x', pull in, go to pay, cash only. Pretty much every place here allows for paying at the pump and takes plastic.

Originally Posted by Razzy View Post
yea it adds up. There is no proven benefit between Shell gas as opposed to another leading brand. I personally don't like to fill up at a shady looking gas station. That's my mantra. I don't care if it's Shell, Exxon/Esso, Chevron or whatever.
Having to drive x miles out of my way to get the cheapest gas when it's pennies on the dollar isn't worth it IMO. People do it, but I'm fortunate to have 2 stations nearby that aren't seedy (I agree on your philosophy there) and either is on my way to going most places. The more fortunate part is that they amongst the most reasonably priced gas stations in my area. One I can hit up on the way home from work and the other on the way to work depending on the situation. Can't beat right turns near intersections of major roads. Easy in/out.