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Aside from a thourough cosmetic inspection for any dents, scratches, seats, upholstery, cracks, etc. look for other mechanical tell tales.

Before you take delivery and sign the papers, I would insists on a test drive with the dealer. Make sure you warm up the car to operating temperature so you can hear and the noises it makes, not just a 2 min drive around the block.

If you are 6MT, pay attention to grinds on the the synchros. DCT - pay attention to shift harshness, delay, etc.

Listen to any weird mechanical noise that might be coming from the engine during light, medium and hard loads as well as at idle.

Do some transitional turns in a parking lot to feel the suspension responsiveness.

Basically, make sure you are satisfied with the car. Remember, the car is not yours until you take delivery - sign the papers. If there is something that you are not satisfied with, talk to your dealer. Resolve any issues that you might have before you sign the papers, after that, dealers won't be as eager to help you.

If the dealer says "oh, this is normal", document this case with the service advisor, get them to investigate and document your complaint. If something was to fail in the the future, at least you have documentation. If you really want, you ask the dealer to take the car to a get a second opinion in terms of what kind of state the car is in. I'm not sure, but I think the dealer must let you do this by law. If you have a friend that has a hoist, ask to put the car on the hoist so you can inspect it.

Of course, all the service records are nice to have ... before you take delivery.