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Originally Posted by Team Plutonium View Post
I spent over $60K, and many folks ask me why I didn't buy a GT3 at this point. My answer always is.. "yeah, but it would be stock". As others mentioned already... modding is more of a hobby than "improving" the car, people spend tons of money on other things, watches, golf vacations, sailing... I like modding. It makes me happy.

I don't worry about warranty, resale, power-to-cost ratio, etc... I like having a car that is not just bought, and out of the box. Any guy with money can just go and purchase an expensive car, but modding requires some more involvement. It's a hobby, culture, and scene; I've met great friends through modding, and I treasure that just as much as the "parts" I've bought.
Agreed. It's injecting your personality into the car as you individualize it. It's a showcase for your tastes and priorities. It's like interior decorating. Oops. You know, like in a manly way.
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