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Originally Posted by Dave2 View Post
How many miles are you guys getting out of a set of tires? I am freaking eating tires.

I have a 2011 E93 M3 with a Dinan stage 2 suspension kit. I went through the OEM Pirelli P-zeros in 6K miles. I replaced those with the Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires. The rears are worn through 50% of the tread depth at ~4K miles. The fronts are at about 40% worn. The wear is even across all tires. Dang!!!
That does seem a little fast for the Pirellis, but the rears do tend to go fast on this car. With the PSS 50% gone at 4K, that means they should hit at least 8K before they're totally gone. Something around 10K miles is usually normal for the M3 rears.

Note burrito's experience with the cayman. Lighter car, similar performance, ate the rear PS2 in 5500 miles due to lots of stop and go. Same driver, heavier car, and he's getting triple the mileage due to lots of highway cruising.

Do check your alignment, but it could be that your road composition and daily driving conditions are just hard on tires. With regard to alignment in general, set everything as close to zero as the factory specs allow if you want the best tire wear. Note that this can compromise performance a little. Some camber/toe is usually helpful for performance.
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