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Debating 2013 STI for DD and AutoX Duty

With finally getting a job (Just coming out of college), comes time to get a new car for DD and a AWD car. I currently drive and autocross a Z4M (RWD, 2 Door, Doesn't drive in winter)

Company policy requires a 4-door.

So, I was considering the thought of buying a '13 Subaru STI or WRX (don't really know which yet) and modding into STU. Sure as hell would be cheaper and easier to be competitive with that car versus my Z4M (RTR, AS, BSP and possible STR), and I don't have to worry about breaking anything on the M where it would cost twice as much. I would track the car as well (probably only once or twice a year). My thought is that the STI has a diff controller already, BBK, more boost...etc. It would be smarter to invest into a car like that rather than buying a WRX and adding this stuff later on.

The M would just be a weekend and summer car for me.

So anyone with valuable opinions please chime in. I was mainly concerned about the dreaded ringland failure. With an autocross car, and short gearing...I fear bouncing the car off the limiter, and blowing the car. I'm no foreign to stiff suspension. Even though I am on stock suspension with my M, it's progressive rates and torsional body ratings are fairly stiff. Probably will be running AST 4200 or similar suspension.

Going to test drive a STI Saturday, I will hop into a WRX as well probably. Mainly looking at the 5-door, I like them. Not looking to purchase until June-Oct of next year. Just thinking ahead.

Would consider a Evo X. But after I add HID headlights the price skyrockets. Not to mention I have to have leather in order to have heated seats....etc. Still considering this as an option as well.

Please and thank you in advance.