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I can't tell for sure since I'm not even close to owning an exotic, I can only say that whatever object you are passionate about while climbing to the top, will most likely be what you'll be passionate about when you get there (plus some other new things/possibilities which probably opened up for you).

It's all about progression. Years ago I told myself I will be super content when I finally get a Honda S2000, at that time it really fit the bill (fast, agile, sexy, tunable). Fast forward several years after owning one, I wanted something better, more refined, sexier, more power to begin with hence my E92 M3. Will it stop there? I don't think so, but the steps from an S2000 to an M3 seem insignificant compared to moving up from an M3 to a Gallardo or a 458. To the wealthiest of wealthy person this is like any other day in the dealer showroom much like going to Honda picking up a Civic.

I can just imagine the insane maintenance costs of these cars, a friend of mine who owned a Gallardo for 2 years and drove it for 20,000 miles revealed that he spent at least $2.50 per mile of ownership just to maintain/fix stuff on the car (gas not included).