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Originally Posted by VF-Engineering View Post
For further insight, no matter how the intake charge is cooled a key aspect to the reliability and performance is the efficiency of the cooling = eventual heat soak not evident until after a few pulls back to back. If the water in the water cooling system is not circulated properly, stagnant, or uncooled water will continue to flow and therefore not provide efficient cooling. This is why we designed our water hoses with a certain diameter with insulation, with proper high quality fittings, factory grade heat exchangers aka radiators (pictured above), and a Bosch water pump to ensure proper circulation.

You can do all the pulls and hard driving you want on the street, but the heat build up and abuse the s65 motor takes through 1 mile on the track at speed has no comparison unless you drive full throttle 100% of the time on the street

E-Rod's VF620 M3 making good use of those Brembo's at SoWs.

EAS VF620- places 3rd at Super Lap Battle (first year), fastest lap at Mfest, featured in Eurotuner GP

Ricky's@The R's Tuning VF650 taking a break after shaving 2 seconds at Auto Club Speedway (same setup, same tires, just VF650 added)

VAC's VF620 tearing it up on one of their 100's of track days

VAC's track beast s65 dry sump with VF supercharger (my fav)

Based on highly efficient cooling and proper tuning, the s65 has held up pretty well to F/I even on the track
Did VAC add a supercharger to there 4.4 motor? What kind of kit did they use and how much boost?