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Originally Posted by sensi09 View Post
That's some pretty good mileage on the tires. I have similar driving habits, with driving aggressively, but not wasting the tires in 1st gear.

I feel DCT helps with this. If I was driving a regular manual, I'd usually get a lot more wheel spin in 1st, 2nd and 3rd so as not to wear the clutch.
I really think the commute helps with the tires lifespan. I drive against traffic and im usually cruising 97% of my trip. Also, the stock toe and camber on the rear wheels isn't super super agressive where its shaving off the threads.

About 4-5 years back when I was driving only 20-25 miles a day, all local, DD'ing my Cayman S, I only got 5,500 miles on my rear set of ps2's. They were COMPLETELY obliterated.

Harder compounds like the AD08 work pretty darn well on this car. The only bad side is is that the ad08's can get pretty loud. No idea on the RE11's as i'd like to try them next.
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