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Finally decided on a set of coilovers

After researching and going over tcks, nitrons, jrzs, ohlins, moton s/a, asts, and sachs, I was sure I didnt want kw since they are mass made and you get set spring rates. I really wanted to get a something nice but within reasonable cost.

Price wise tcks sa or da were a steal but once you add on camber plates they are not really a bargain. They have great reviews...hell all the brands listed above have great reveiws, but one other drawback to these coilovers are the finish. From looking at the photos, they look very unattractive. I know it shouldnt be a big factor since they have a long proven history of great performance but I still had a hard time dealing with the aesthetics.

Nitrons, badazz kits that no really runs in the U.S. Rebuildable, 2 way adjustable from a single knob like the JRZ RS1s. And priced very well $2700 for the R1 and $3200 for the R1+ with camber plates and monoball mount. However, there is not much support in the US and it would be a pain having to get the revalving done. Also, im not sure I wanted a real coilover rear setup.

Finally the flagship! The stuff I really wanted. They are sooo pretty. MCS, Moton, JRZ, and ASTs all seem reasonably priced until you start adding all the little components needed to get it right...helper springs, adapter sleeves, rear height adjusters, helper springs, helper couplers, springs, camber plates, thrust sheets/torrington bearings, and etc...At first I thought I could be get one of these set ups for a reasonable price of ~$3k but after pricing a decent setup together I was in the $4k ballpark.

Although I almost pulled the trigger on the JRZ RS1 i really couldnt justify paying $4k for a suspension that I will rarely track. I might see the track at most 4 times a year. My car is not even a DD anymore. Its my weekend car that will barely see much track.

So what did I end up picking? .....drum roll.....

KW Clubsports

why? for ~$2.5k I get camber plates, linear alloy springs, ~500/800lb rates, helper springs, bump comp and rebound settings, ...nothing else needed. Also the new versions are easier to adjust since they have knobs instead of needing a dang allen wrench. Also I wanted an adjustment that gives click feedback an they do.

Also, I picked CS over V3s because of linear springs, the weight (CS are about 5lbs lighter than V3s), and camber plates.

Hopefully I made the right choice and wont have any buyers remorse.

Thanks to all for the help and advice, especially M3SQRD.

Anyway, i figure this post may help others in the decision making progress. I will give a review after I get it installed.
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