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Introduction and questions

Hey all, just wanted to say hi, and thank you all for the wealth of info I've found on here, lurking for the past few months.

I'm currently looking at used m3's, and drove my first yesterday. Simply awesome. Completely different driving experience from my current GTO. I am hooked. It is an '09 sedan with dct...39000 miles, with a few months of warranty left.

Couple of questions:

Fluttering/crackling noise ONLY during acceleration, sounds like its coming from front left side. I searched and searched....seems there's a myriad of noises this car makes that are normal, but it still just sounded off to me. Honestly I thought there was air caught under a piece of paper somewhere...just a weird crackle/flutter. Intake noise? Air filter/ box noise? Just want to be sure nothing catastrophic is about to happen

Also, the driver side mirror is out of alignment, and I mean BAD. Easy to fix? I assume it got torqued somehow and gears got turned, but honestly am not sure.

Other than those 2 things, the car seems GREAT. Gonna take it to BMW of Austin as soon as I can for a PPI, and hopefully all will check out.

Awesome awesome machine. Hope I can be a contributor here in the near future.