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Originally Posted by Litos View Post
lol @ people who believe in aliens...

and even more lol @ the people who believe any alien lifeform has to have some form of characteristics to a human...

freaking sheep.....
*lol* at those close-minded enough to think there *are* no aliens, for those folks are the true sheep. As big as this universe is, how egotistical one must be to think that we are the *only* life forms that inhabit it *smh*.

Originally Posted by b1aze View Post
It doesnt. Its an illusion. The skull in the picture you posted is more than halfway rotated around, making the mandible look further forward. IMO
Thanks, but late to the party Addressed that in post 15

Originally Posted by Spool View Post
So what if they have been? What's on that space craft? dirt? what kind of living organism can live in space for millions of years?
Honestly, there's no telling. We're assuming about life based on characteristics of life as *we* know it. Species on earth evolved to adapt to the environment, what's to say whatever else is out there hasn't done the same?

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