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Uneven wear and Steering Wheel shaking

I'm trying to troubleshoot why my steering wheel is shaking/vibrating above 60mph. I have KW Sleeve-Over with spacers. The shaking started after the installation and alignment.

1. The shaking does not stop when spacers are off.

2. We took the wheels off to look at the tires. It seem like there is uneven wear on the inside. Touching the insides of the tires you can truly feel the bumps and uneven surface. This is not the case on the rest of the tire.

3. The alignment (negative camber) seem to force the tires to use most of the uneven surface. I'm assuming this is probably the reason for the vibration I feel when driving at higher speeds.

I have an appointment with BMW to get another Alignment to see if this will solve the issue.

Anybody else with a similar issue?


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