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450D (XSI) upgrade to ?

I know there's a lot of these types of threads out there but I'm wondering if I can get an opinion from you guys.

I have been using the 450D for a number of years now and I've been pretty happy with it. I've given up the kit 18-55 lens and now have a Tamron 17-50, a Canon 50 1.8, and a 75-300, as well as a starter Speedlite (270EX2). I'm enjoying these lenses and the flash a fair bit.

During the years I've taken the camera travelling to Europe and Asia but in the future I see taking a lot more indoor shots because wife and I just had a newborn... thus far I've been finding that the 450D is fairly slow to focus (missed shots) and very noisy at low light (I think ISO 1600 max only).

I shoot both JPEG and RAW.. primarily so I can just use the RAW files to play with the colors but no photoshopping. I already have a dedicated video camera (DSLR videos are nice but I don't think I have the creative chops or patience to do HD video like what we see online)

Would you guys recommend me updating to a T4i or upgrade to a 60D? I have a friend that is looking to sell his 18 month old 60D (he's upgrading to a full frame, which I don't plan on doing). My wife uses my camera sometimes, but she's more of a point and shoot person.. she definitely won't be interested in a more complicated and heavier camera (although I am considering keeping the 450D as a backup body)

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