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Originally Posted by Heps View Post
Unless you are ultra wealthy, is the chase better then the actual thing?
Work so hard to reach the goal of being comfortable to afford one, but once youve got it, youve got it then what?

Kind of like women, most of the fun is simply the chase..
NO!!!. If youre chasing success and finances for a car, its the wrong reason and a bad business plan lol. Thats a small goal when building a large company. Perhaps the last thing in my mind.

All I can say is 2 things. Drive a super car. Get a friend or someone to let you. Once you do, you will find every possible way to get one on your own.

The whole cost break down can not apply. Our company spends $250k a year on private planes that get flown maybe 15 times a year. I dont even want to know how many first class tickets it would exchange for, but there's no price to put on having a private plane.

A friend (who's a complete arrogant prick) put it well. "If cost was no object, and money wasn't a factor, you're retired with no where to go, and unlimited expenses, would you have the car for its pure enjoyment? "

Garage of 10 cars later, I think I know his answer.
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