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Originally Posted by paradocs98 View Post
The 1560kg from the third pic in the first post--very interesting, and confirmed by devotec as a before weight. Once again, our cars seem to be a bit lighter than the published specs. (Assuming that weigh station scale was properly calibrated.)

Exciting build. Looks great and I love the wheels. Good luck with it.

One other thought--do our cars come with too much nose-down rake from the factory? In devotec's above photos with the KW suspension installed and set up, his car has a more neutral stance, with the rear sitting low over the wheels. This looks proper, and is similar to what true race-prepped E92 M3s look like (Grand Am Rolex series, Continental series, various NASA club cars I've seen).
EU weight (which incl driver + luggage and 90% fuel) is approx 1655kg from memory so if you take out 68kg for a driver and 7kg for luggage and potential some amount of fuel on the assumption OP didn't weigh the car with a fuel tank then I guess it sounds about right.

Don't know about too much rake from factory, my stock setup seems pretty neutral!
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