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Originally Posted by sin911 View Post
Nice! Congrats on the new project

Please don't forget to post before and after weights.
Originally Posted by dd1981 View Post
Nice. That's hardcore racing intentions. I'm curious did you weigh the car before and after? Curious to how many kg you shaved off?
Originally Posted by jonasaurus View Post
Great work, just to clarify was the 1560kg weighing the before-modify weight?
Originally Posted by devotec View Post
Yes just with half of tank gazoline and complete AKRApovic exhausts
My car didn't have more option just a basic French Pack

The 1560kg from the third pic in the first post--very interesting, and confirmed by devotec as a before weight. Once again, our cars seem to be a bit lighter than the published specs. (Assuming that weigh station scale was properly calibrated.)

Exciting build. Looks great and I love the wheels. Good luck with it.

One other thought--do our cars come with too much nose-down rake from the factory? In devotec's above photos with the KW suspension installed and set up, his car has a more neutral stance, with the rear sitting low over the wheels. This looks proper, and is similar to what true race-prepped E92 M3s look like (Grand Am Rolex series, Continental series, various NASA club cars I've seen).
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