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Originally Posted by dreamspeed View Post
It's not a bad deal but i think you can haggle the price lower if you are really set on this car. Personally I would look for something with at least ~1 year warranty left on it. And the newer idrive IS a lot better than the older version

Also, just as a general tip for looking at used cars (i did a lot of research before buying my 2010) is to learn all the "tells" of what options are equipped on the car from the pictures. Always looks at the pictures, don't believe the descriptions...90% of them are wrong. In the ad you posted the description says it has a Manual transmission AND dual plate clutch?
so true.
I was amazed, when shopping for my M3, that the discription and option lists were totally wrong for 6~7 dealers I checked.
Dealers, or at least the dealer internet sales guys have no eyes in proper exterior colors, can't distinguish between extended and non-extended, premium sound, nad proper mileage.

for me, even on the day of the purchase, my Jerez Black M3 was a Jet black and leather was just a leather and not extended leather. only the vin # configurator told me the true options and whatnot