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Originally Posted by Mike van D View Post
Not sure what the dif would be besides newer S Plugs to make it feel that way, but enjoy the new ride.
maybe it is the spark plugs, who knows

Originally Posted by ///M Rakete View Post
If the 2011's ECU had never been updated it could just be that the 2013 is running 240E. That and it has some thousands of miles less on the odometer.

My 2010 is now running 240E plus the BPM tune and it is almost like a different car. My car only has 4,744 miles too so it's almost new.

There is no reason to believe that BMW made any improvements other than in software. Their decontenting and changes in materials tell a different story, one of decreasing unit cost.
my 2011 was updated to 230E before I sold it and it had the evolve tune on top of that, but this still pulls harder than that lol.