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Originally Posted by Robz26 View Post
Hey team,

Apologies if this has been asked and answered, as I am mobile-only and can't search well.

Do you use the auto start/start feature? Why or why not?

I feel like a start must be worse on the engine by definition because of the sudden motion and startup routine... but I also know that "engine hours" matter as well as miles, so I'm torn.

Does it make a huge impact on MPH? I live in NYC so it certainly would be utilized often... however I also find the frequent starts a bit jarring.


It definitely saves fuel, as to what the amount is depends on your driving. The engine/starter motor will not be damaged from frequent stop starts as their design has been taken into account for the stop/start system. There are a lot of criteria to satisfy before the system deems it suitable and safe to stop the engine. I for one like it, I know many others don't. I see no harm in gaining 1-2mpg with the system. It all adds up overtime.