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loved all my M3's, especially my E92, but i had a few Z06's as my dailys and a ZR-1 as my weekend car and missed out on all the low end power...the M3 was a beautiful car but moved on to a CTS-V coupe with a full intake, upper pulley, and dyno tune...for the bargain price of 1,200 bucks the car now makes around 530 rwhp and it running solid 11.4x's-11.5x's...its a much bigger and heavier car then the M3 and you feel the weight but the brakes are superb and the steering feel is fantastic...i would say the interior qualities are close, but the recaros in the V are great..exterior looks are subjective..i honestly prefer my E92 a little more in that category, but the V gets a lot more attention, if thats your thing..its not really mine....but i can tell you at 70 mph in 2nd gear i can light the tires up like im sitting still..the power is very impressive