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Originally Posted by T_D View Post
Hi all,

I have a new 2013 E92 M3, DCT. Just passed the 1,200 mile mark and she is going in for service on Friday.

I've noticed, especially if I don't have the Power button on or hit the M button to sharpen throttle response, it seems like there is a good amount of delay and/or softness when I accelerate from a stop. EG: I'll press the pedal in a little bit, normally I would expect the car to start reving up a bit and to move forward. It seems like in the M3, I need to press the pedal in a bit further than any other car I've driven to get it to go forward.

I THINK this is reduced when I have the Power or M buttons turned on, but that could just be a placebo.

I had an E46 ZHP before (6MT) and this is my first DCT car, so I am not sure if this is by nature of the DCT or if there is something wrong or if this can be adjusted with a tune. It certainly feels unnatural to me. It has the same symptoms in both automatic and manual mode.

Thanks in advance for any info.
Nothing wrong. Typical of a part-throttle start off.

You can try a higher level Drivelogic mode if you aren't at 4 or 5 already. Remember the electronics are predicting what you want to do based on a program, it is by definition imperfect and won't replicate your experience with a manual and a clutch pedal where you are in full control and your brain is the programmer.

By the way the BPM tune seems to help this.
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