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Originally Posted by k-lo View Post
Thank you so much! Great looking car! One last thing, I highly doubt it but suppose you intend to lower the car just a little in the future will there be issues with 18/15?
Originally Posted by STi_traitor View Post
IMO that looks like it will turn into an issue. I only say that from looking at my 18's OEM, they have the 18/15 and its aggressive. I am thinking thats why EAS is saying 12/15 is the usual for ZCP to give you the most aggressive stance possible. Makes sense since you are half an inch wider on your fronts and rears.

Or just add camber with the 18/15 setup, maybe that will work?
Thanks K and STi.

To answer your question, I might lower the car in the summer on Eibachs as they retain close to OEM ride quality for daily driving. H&Rs and KWs too stiff and harsh ride quality. OR might go with KW DDCs (Coilovers that have EDC adjustability).

Also, I can confirm 100% with a 18/15 set-up on Eibachs or H&Rs Sport Springs you will not rub at all. Ask 'Malek' on the forum, he's done this set-up already with zero rubbing issues. Camber plates not needed.