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Originally Posted by younghov85 View Post
You have yet to prove how he is a cry baby. When they fail he takes the blame, but they won and he is crowned. You still have not proven your point and a picture of him with his head down is not saying anything.
Vick runs because he has no offensive line. Barry Sanders was the same way no o-line but he still made due. Regardless of your opinions, if you dont have any real facts to support your "statements", dont post them, your just wasting space.

Are you for real? This is an internet chat forum not a court of law......

My post you quoted was to support that Brady & Manning are leaders (even though Manning is a cry baby) and Vick is not.

Vick will have to improve his running skills now, he will need to escape fellow convicts who think Vick is pretty and would a good girlfriend.
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