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Originally Posted by p-streets View Post
So my 09 almost paid off thinking of getting a 13 but looking to hear from others is it really worth it
My 09 E90 is going to be 4 years in Feb. Looking back it has been relatively trouble free and immensely enjoyable. Going 30k-40k in the red for the sake of upgrading to essentially the same car does not make too much sense to me. The expected maintenance cost I believe is nowhere near that over the next 4 years. Of course an engine can blow or my DCT may become toast out of warranty, but this is a low risk given the car's history.

I have pretty much decided to drive this car to its eventual death (along with my MCS). It is that good! I will take a look at the M4/M3 once it is out to determine whether its worth having in addition to the V8 M3.