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Originally Posted by TruStinger View Post
Hey guys, Im a Network Admin for the main ISP based in Alaska . I have 2 years of experience and currently have the CCNA, CCNA Security, JNCIA and PAN ACE(Palo Alto Networks). Im studying for the CCNP Route and hope to knock out that test in January, then Ill have to but Cisco on hold and concentrate more on Juniper as we are moving to all Juniper in the core and distribution shortly, except for our firewall which is Palo Alto.

Just wondering if any other engineers are on here and what your journey was like to get to the engineer level. Im a bit on the fence as to whether I want to be a routing and switching guy or more security, although with the company I work for there isnt much separation of duties.
Hey there,

I'm basically on the same path, and from what I have gathered, if looking to enter Network Security, you should look into the following certifications which you did not list.

Security+ While yes, an entry-level certification, it is required for many DoD positions, provides a foundation for several security related topics, as well as knocks off 1 year on the required experience for the next certification

CISSP For Network Security, this certification is in demand for mid-level/senior positions and will get your foot in the door for the higher paying jobs. However, this certification requires 5 years of experience or 4 with Security+ or a M.S. degree by an approved academic institution. They will also investigate your work experience and if I recall correctly, you need an existing CISSP to essentially vouch for you.

I myself will be knocking out my CCNP (R&S) hopefully before summer this year, then look into the CISSP. After you're done with Route, proceed to Switch (I'd guess you're looking at 2-3 months for Switch) but then immediately take Troubleshooting a week or 2 tops after completing R&S.
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