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Originally Posted by Taittinger View Post
It has nothing to do with being convicted. What reasonable, respectable person in the street would even be implicated with something like this? What sort of law-abiding person would knowingly associate with people who participate in this activity? What responsible person would not know there was such activity going on in his home? Too much emphasis is placed by some on a legal conviction; whatever happened to just doing right as person, not simply as obligated by the judicial system?

Vick's plea is now filed, his plea will happen on Monday.
  • Conspirancy to fund and operate a dog-fighting ring
  • Together with his 2 "friends" helping kill pit-bulls
No direct gambling charges so no automatic NFL lifetime ban.

This will be good for 2 years jail time + 1 year suspension...

All we can hope is the judge rejects the plea or gives him 3 years+ in jail.
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